Psychic Development School

Psychic Development Starter Series

The Magic of Mediumship: Open to your Unlimited Possibility

A 6 week course to Develop Your Sacred Mediumship Ability. Each of the 90 minute, live, online classes will reveal exercises to open your channel to the spirit world. You will build trust with yourself and the spirit world through hands-on practice under Laura's Mentorship. Included in the course is a 60 minute private mentorship session with Laura.

5 Steps to Develop a Spiritual Practice: Getting to LOVE you!

Learn how to create a sacred space in your home, create a personal power mantra, ground, cleanse/protect, and meditate all while loving everything you are!

What Kind of Psychic Are You? Discover Your Intuitive Gifts!

This course will determine what kind of psychic you are and help you to focus on your natural abilities! Laura shows you with helpful videos, information, and exercises, how to begin to open your own specific gift and abilities.
Canadian clients, please note, for ease of booking you are charged in $US.