The Magic of Mediumship

The Magic of


A 6 week course to Develop your Sacred Mediumship Ability 6- 90 minute online classes that begin with instruction then hands on practice leading into mentorship. Each student will interact live with myself and the class but also, will have a private 60 minute mentorship session to be completed within the 6 weeks. Start Date for next session: March, 2024 Cost: $497 USD Very limited space to create an personal experience.

Now booking for March 3rd, 2024

The September session is full. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page, to join the waitlist for the next session beginning on March 3rd.

The Magic of Mediumship: Open to your Limitless Possibility

This is a 6-week mentorship course to open your sacred connection to the spirit realm.

The Magic of Mediumship is an online course to develop your trust in yourself and with the spirit world while also dissolving fear. You will open your channel to the spirit world and bring the magic back into your life. This method teaches you to connect to energy seen and unseen. Once the connection is open you will always have it and you may explore and develop any psychic, mediumistic or intuitive abilities you choose. Learning to accept and use your abilities will expand your competence in other areas of your life. You will feel more confident and at ease with your path, caring less and less about what others think and believe and be able to invest your sacred life force energy back into self, your loved ones, and your path.

There is no need to wonder if this course is for you! If you desire to learn about opening your channel or if you are drawn to learn how to develop your abilities, it is! Desires are the language of the soul. Your desire is leading you on your path.

Each class session is 90 minutes. We meet on zoom for a fun and interactive class atmosphere. You will also have a 60-minute private mentorship session with me!

The Magic of Mediumship course is built on five pillars.

1. Everyone who is drawn to the metaphysical world and has a desire to develop their abilities is capable and gifted. Your sacred connection to your intuition and the spirit world is your birthright.

2. Spirit is omnipresent. Spirit energy is love and is always ever present.

3. Protection from physical or nonphysical beings is not needed in any capacity. There is nothing that can harm you in the spirit world. By using intention, discernment and love you are never in any danger.

4. There is no hierarchy in the spirit world, therefore, I am no better than you or you me. We all have the same opportunity to achieve greatness.

5. We only work in divine energies that are for the highest intention and the highest good.

The class format includes:

  • Opening Mediation
  • Feedback and questions from previous week
  • Instruction
  • Direct Practice (using your new skill to read others in the class)
  • Sharing reading experiences
  • Review of skill to work on before next class.
  • Wrap up and Closing Meditation

You will be sent PDFs of all handouts, exercises and meditations including a journal template. The only supplies you need are an open mind and heart, a notebook or journal, a computer and access to the internet. Class instruction and feedback on instruction will be recorded and the recordings may be used for future classes. Readings may be recorded with permission but will not be used for any future classes or promotional material. Recordings will be available upon request.

The cost of this course is 497 USD. It may be paid through Paypal. If you are Canadian paying in Canadian funds you may pay by etransfer at the amount of $666 CAD. Payment options available upon request and approval. All fees must be paid before your private 60-minute mentorship session. The cost of a private 60-minute session is $179 USD or $240 CAD, this included in the total cost of the course.

If you are interested in being added to the list to take this course please let me know! Send me an email back or call me at 902-478-2202. Only a limited amount of spaces are available and this is an introductory offer and is subject to possible price increases in the future.

Lets take this exciting journey together! It is time to experience The Magic of Mediumship!