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Private Sessions

Private sessions can include connecting with passed on loved ones, angels, spirit guides, animal totems, and even pets. I read energy vibration and frequency, I am able to assess and help to heal the aura, see into past lives, divine life contracts and bring forward information about your life that you need to hear, or discuss, to be able to face challenges head-on! Spirit uses a language of sorts, that is very different from ours. Spirit is energy and works on a completely different vibration than we do. Over time and much experience, I have learned to tune into Spirit and understand how they communicate so, I can let you know that they are at peace and still with you. Private sessions are offered via Video Call (Zoom). Zoom is very easy to use. It can be used with a smartphone or computer. You may choose to use the video option or just use it as a call (using audio only). After booking, you will receive a link in your confirmation email. A few minutes before your reading you can click on the link and it will take you directly to zoom. Follow the prompts provided and you will be connected to our meeting.

Please Note: Private readings are intended for one person only. You may have one support person off screen for your session.

If you would like to split a reading with one other person and want to connect with the same (1) person in spirit, you may book a 90 minute session (Both sitters/clients must be in the same physical space/location for the session).

3 or more sitters/clients are considered a group. Group sessions can be booked by contacting me through email and group rates will apply.

60 minutes $179 USD / 90 minutes $249 USD
Canadian clients, please note, for ease of booking you are charged in $USD.

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How To Book a Private Session

Group Sessions

Contact for Pricing

Group sessions are very powerful as many spirits often come through and communicate in a very short amount of time. Every person in attendance receives a reading and even some people who are not there! If you are looking for a fun evening full of heart and soul, this is for you! *Travel costs may apply depending on location. A minimum of eight people and a $100 non-refundable deposit is required for booking.  A maximum of twelve people only per group session. The host is responsible for organizing the group session, including collecting and making full payment.

**Available within Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and limited surrounding areas (Halifax, NS Canada).

Public Appearances and Events

Details to be negotiated

I often appear for public speaking events. I speak from a place of heart and soul to deliver divine, uplifting messages of inspiration to empower listeners. Contact me for your next event! 

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60 minutes $179 USD

90 minutes $249 USD

Life is eternal…. we never really die…. we are never far away from our loved ones.