Frequently Asked Questions

A Psychic is a person who can bring forward information that is hidden or not obvious to the normal 5 senses. Psychics are said to have a sixth sense and can use telepathy or various types of clairs (e.g. clairvoyance) to ‘read’ a person, place or situation. Psychics also perceive the aura or energy field that surrounds a person and be able to interpret that energy.

A Medium most often has some or all of the skills and ability of a psychic but can also act as a bridge to the spirit world. A Medium can see, hear or sense beings in the spirit world in order to contact passed on loved ones to deliver messages to living loved ones.

I prepare myself before a reading by grounding, clearing and cleansing my energy. I have a special routine I follow to ensure I have a clear and clean start to receive information and messages. I do my work from a place of the highest good for people. After our introductions and initial chat, I will pause to say an intention for the session and to invite spirit in to speak. I then write down my initial impressions. I share all my impressions, which may include personal challenges and qualities about you that stand out and have helped or hindered you. At this point, a loved one may come forward to speak. Sometimes spirit is there to talk as soon as the intention is completed. I use the intention as a signal to spirit that I am ready and open to receive messages so readings can be slightly unpredictable. After I give my impressions, and we have time to talk about them, you are able to ask questions if needed.

Spirit is in an energy/consciousness form. Energy does not need to be in the same physical space for me to connect with it. Energy does not have to obey the laws of the physical world. Phone and video conference readings are just as effective as in-person readings.

You should expect to have your questions answered (within reason) and leave feeling a sense of love and well-being. Often people are calm and feel the need for rest and quiet after a reading and report a feeling of peace and lightness the day after.

Ask yourself why you want to have a reading, what is your intention? What questions do you want to ask? Are there loved ones you would like to speak with? Try to keep an open mind. Remember information comes in bits and pieces and it is my job to interpret and sometimes translate what I am seeing, hearing and feeling. Information is sometimes delivered through my perception, although every effort is made to prevent this, I am human and we may need to discuss various points to piece it together. Also, future information comes through as well so it is important that it is not automatically dismissed as not true. Please listen to all the information, if it does not connect with you at the moment, keep the information as it may be needed at a later date.

I have found that spirit is quite intelligent and does not reveal things that you are not ready for do not want to discuss. That being said, somethings are difficult to speak about but spirit is gentle and can sense when the timing is right to approach difficult areas of your life.

I do not speak about specifics concerning those who are near death concerning the date of their actual passing. I do not ask for or receive information about the timing of someone’s death. I will also not get involved in legal matters specifically. Any future information that comes forward is meant to help all those involved and so I do not receive information about upcoming traumas specifically. My intention is always to help so often information that is not helpful does not come forward.

• In-person and video conference readings through Zoom will be recorded and emailed after your reading. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your recording.
• At this time telephone readings are not recorded.
• You may also record your own reading if you choose.

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